Features of SiriusXM Radio

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SiriusXM is an audio entertainment company that delivers an unparalleled experience in the world of music, movies, sports and more. With over 150 full time channels, SiriusXM provides its listeners with the ability to experience the best of the best in terms of audio. It also offers connected vehicle services to automakers.

In terms of music, there are over 100 full time channels, including Elvis Radio, a radio station that is dedicated to the life and work of the King of Rock and Roll. The channel is broadcast from Graceland in Memphis. The station has over 347,100 listeners, and it"s easy to see why.

The most popular channel in SiriusXM"s lineup is Howard 101, which boasts a respectable 501,100 listeners. Howard is an acclaimed talk show host who has been on the air since 1992. He is a fan favorite and the show is a must-listen for any true audiophile. Other notable channels include Sirius XM Love, a playlist of love songs from soft-AC artists.

While SiriusXM has many radio channels, it does not offer live sports programming. However, it does have a wide variety of ad-supported digital audio products, which provide a comprehensive audio experience to the consumer. For instance, there are several channels dedicated to inspirational content, such as Sirius XM Fly, which features enlightenment from Glenn Beck. Additionally, there are several music channels, such as Classic Vinyl, which are available in select markets. There are also a number of radio stations that offer music videos, as well as the ability to stream music over the Internet.

One of the most impressive features of SiriusXM is the way in which it leverages its cross-platform sales organization to drive results for advertisers. That"s not to mention the fact that the company does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender or any other protected characteristic.

Among the most significant features of SiriusXM is its ability to create a more diverse and inclusive workplace environment. This is accomplished by providing employees with the opportunity to make meaningful contributions and to participate in a professional environment. Not only is the company an equal opportunity employer, it is also committed to maintaining a positive work environment that promotes cooperation and teamwork.

A great example of this is the collaboration with the music discovery site, SoundCloud. With the new SiriusXM Hip Hop Nation, the platform is set to find the next big hip hop superstars and provide them with a platform on which to showcase their skills. By partnering with the industry leading music streaming service, SiriusXM and SoundCloud are able to introduce listeners to the newest and best hip-hop and R&B talent. They"ve also tapped the likes of DJ Sowmya Krishnamurthy to host a weekly show.

Another ad-supported innovation is the SiriusXM Small Stage Series, which takes place in Los Angeles and other locations throughout the country. Several performers have already been booked for this event, including J. Cole, who will take the stage on October 23.


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